International Defensive Training Sysytem



International Defensive Training Systems is taking a proactive stance against the epidemic of violent assaults against women and children, including Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) Violent Assaults, and Abduction.

The IDTS has created a coordinated system with a comprehensive combination of components that are crucial in providing more than just a self - defense
class or a curriculum.  We provide an all-inclusive system with experts in the field that includes the psychological, verbal and physical techniques needed to put a stop to the epidemic of human trafficking, including Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, violent assaults and abductions. Our system provides the techniques and expertise needed to identify and break the predators psychological tactics, verbal luring & coercion and physical methods of abduction.


IDTS has three goals to aid in the prevention of violent assaults against women & children.

1. To provide effective skills for women & children to protect themselves from becoming victims of assaults. This also includes providing training for those who have been victims of sex trafficking, giving them useable skills so they can live a life free from victimization.

IDTS offers certification and licensing opportunities to organization and trainers worldwide; this allows us to provide services in an expeditious manner. Organiztions and companies will train at IDTS's training facility or a training team will travel to your location.

Once certified and licensed the organization will take the training back to their facilities and train women and children in their local communities. IDTS will also open local training facilities for low-income women and children. These facilities will allow this population to receive classes that are “sponsored” by local business and or corporations.

2. Rapid Recovery Task Force Operation Stealth Falcon provides services to families of “Abducted,” “Endangered,” or “Missing” women & children and Trafficking Victims.

Most Abducted & Endangered Missing are being held captive as sex slaves for domestic, international, or cyber trafficking, and in many cases they are murdered. Our teams are comprised of highly qualified missing persons investigators and forensics & crime investigators and analysts; our team also includes expert search & rescue and elite technology experts.

3. Freedom Ranch There is severe lack of safe houses for rescued child victims of trafficking; there are very few beds available, everyday children are being turned away just to return back to the streets and back to a life of the most extreme abuse imaginable.

IDTS is in the process of opening multiple safe houses nationwide; Freedom Ranch provides a loving and secure environment, allowing the victims to begin their healing and recovery physically, psychologically, and emotionally through a series of “Post Victimization” curriculums “A Time to Heal” “The Vault” “Trauma Tool Box”, and “Freedom Defense”.



These trainings have been created for organizations, martial art instructors and self defense companies to become certified, licensed and train within their individual programs or to train the general public.

Prevention Education

Prevention Education trains organizations, advocates, teachers, and foster care program staff in early detection of possible abuse and or possible trafficking victims, how to to identify the psychological recruitment tactics, verbal lures and used by predators including pedophiles and traffickers and trains parents to identify possible pedophiles in their circles, signs of abuse, signs and symptoms of DMST.

Critical Self Defense

Critical Self Defense isa non traditional full contact system that has been formulated with specific core techniques that have been tested and proven effective properly break the abduction & assault methods of a predator, stopping the predator from completing the attack and or removing the victim to a secondary location. This system is patent pending and endorsed.



These curriculums have been specifically created for staff and volunteers working with victims of trafficking.

Post Victimization Training

This training provides factual evidence and proper training so that there is no room for ones individual interpretation of victimization leading to judgment of the victim which can lead to the victim to become unsuccessful in their recovery process.

A Time to Heal

A Time to Heal is a curriculum specifically created for the trafficking victim, this curriculum leads the victim through the first stage, moving from denial to  "self identification" accepting that they were victimized. The "victimization self identification" is a 10 step processes from denial to the healing process.

It also includes Realization of Victimization, it is a article written by a pimp, it is used to show the intentions of the pimp from the beginning of the "relationship". The curriculum includes a 35 questionnaire and journal; the questionnaire allows the victim to honestly answer questions she might not admit to a person, but on paper can admit to herself, she can write the answers without fear of judgment and journal her emotions as she works through the program, admiting the victimization is the first step to healing and recovery.

“Trauma Tool Box” is a 5 step tool box to help victims understand PTSD symptoms and management strategies. In this program they will learn how to cope with the physiological and physical effects of being a victim of sex trafficking and or sexual abuse; how to use coping skills for the issues they are facing including the looming fear of retaliation, shame, and self blame. By using proven methods of self soothing, hands on grounding techniques, fear exposure, realistic thinking, red flag recognition & relapse prevention among other techniques victims can access their tool box throughout their recovery and use them as life skills after leaving the ranch and beginning their new life.

Freedom Defense

Providing victims of sex trafficking, sexual abuse and or physical abuse the critical psychological, verbal and physical skills needed to recover from the abuse they have sustained and how not be re- victimized.

Freedom Defense includes Critical Self Defense is a non traditional full contact system that has been formulated with specific core techniques that have been tested and proven effective properly break the abduction & assault methods of a predator, stopping the predator from completing the attack and or removing the victim to a secondary location. This system is patent pending and endorsed.

6 Point De-escalation Staff Training

6 Point De-escalation is an in-depth, hands on system created specifically for facilities dealing with individuals with high risk behaviors including the propensity to violence. This system can also be applied to Rescue Projects who are working on the streets and come into contact with pimps and or handlers who become aggressive and or assaultive.   This system provides staff and volunteers the techniques and confidence to use the techniques to deescalate the situation and or defend themselves in a violent assault.