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There is an epidemic of violent assaults against woman and children, including Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST,) Sexual Assault, and Abduction.

There has been no “Prevention” for this epidemic until now… IDTS is taking a proactive stance to protect our women and children against this epidemic.

It is time to move this nation from "Awareness" to “Prevention”; Prevention is the key to stopping this epidemic.

In order to be able to provide an effective form of self defense we first had to understand the mind of the predator, who they are and how they recruit, lure, coerce, assault and or abduct.

After extensive research including interviwing convicted rapists, and child predators IDTS found concrete evidence that Predators assault and abduct in specific manners based on motive, control points and carry methods. Predators, Pedophiles and Pimps also use specific verbal lures to recruit, entice and gain accsess to victims, they use coercion tactics and violence to control their victims.

By understanding the mind and methods of a predators we can now provide an effective form of non traditional self defense.

Once the impulse to act on the deviant sexual fantasy is determined, the predator will go to great lengths to locate, abduct, assault, traffick, sell and or kill their victims; attacks and abductions happen fast they are brutal and chaotic, therefore traditional martial arts are ineffective.

To combat this epidemic International Defensive Training Systems (IDTS) has formulated, tested and proven a full contact, paten pending, endorsed, lifesaving, Critical Preventative Education & 12/21 Anti - Assault & Abduction System and Rapid Recovery Task Force.The combination of these three compnents are crucial in providing more than just a curriculum, it is an all-inclusive system that covers all basses to stop this epidemic of DMST and violent assaults in America.

Critical Preventative Education:

  • Trains potential victims to self identify the psychological recuriment tactics and verbal lures and coercion used by predators including pedophiles and pimps.
  • Trains orgainizations, advocates, teachers, and  foster care program staff in early detection of possible abuse and or possible trafficking victims.
  • Trains parents to identify possible pedophiles in their circles, signs of abuse, signs and symptoms of DMST.

12/21 Anti - Assault & Abduction System

  • Is complied of 12 components and 21 core techniques that are easy to learn and implement.
  • Provides the physical techniques needed to properly break the abduction & assault methods of a predator, stopping the predator from completing the attack and or removing the victim to a secondary location.

Rapid Recovery Task Force

  • Rapid Recovery Task Force provides services to families of “Abducted” and “Endangered Missing” women & children.
  • Most Abducted & Endangered Missing are being held captive as sex slaves for domestic, international or cyber trafficking and in many cases they are murdered.
  • Our teams are comprised of highly qualified missing persons investigators, forensics & crime investigators and analyst; our team also includes expert search & rescue and elite technology experts.
  • Our task force is on the ground within hours of receiving the call “Recue Me”, providing the extra man power needed in the initial critical hours of the investigation and continues the investigation when the authorities have called off the search and stopped searching for the victim, and / or a request has been made by the family.
  • Our team works hand in hand with local, state and federal authorities in the investigation as well as Amber Alert, E.M.A, C.A.R.T, NCMEC, local and national media outlets.
  • The investigative team’s are armed with photos and identifiable information on the victim and go into the streets posing as “Johns” or “Buyers”, making connections with traffickers in known trafficking areas known as the “Track”, making “dates”, at motels, truck stops, sporting events, and conventions. The investigative team will also travel the interstate corridors that traffickers use to transport victims nationwide.
  • Victims of sex trafficking have suffered severe trauma and as a result experience lasting effects, there are specific needs and recovery steps that are unique to victims of sex trafficking. Once the recovery of a victim has been made they will be placed into an accredited aftercare facility that provides the highest standards of care for survivors of sex trafficking.
  • Our teams work with the arresting authorities testifying before Grand Jury to receive incitements on the traffickers and testify during the trial to ensure that justice is served on behalf of the victims


IDTS is endorsed by The Phoenix Dream Center

"The training by International Defensive Training was tremendously powerful for our Team.  The training was thorough, informative and provided great insight for all of my team of staff and outreach workers and persons who conduct work in our facility on the streets and in somewhat risky situations.  The preventative, post victimization systems, and the 6 point de-escalation System are all powerful tools for Homeless, Domestic Violence, and Sex Trafficking Rescue Projects. I highly recommend this training for any orgainzation and or company that has a rescue project, outreach workers or person who are in the field".

Brian D. Steele, Executive Director, The Phoenix Dream Center






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