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Welcome to International Defensive Training Systems the most effective self - defense system in the world. Our system has been formulated, tested and proven to break the abduction and assault methods of predators.

Abductions and violent assaults against women and children are at epidemic proportions worldwide.The problem at hand is there has been no prevention for this epidemic, until now.

What if someone were to approach you, your wife, mother, sister or child with the intent to abduct, assault, or kill them? Would they be prepared to defend themselves in a brutal attack and STOP a predator from attacking? If you answered no, then your loved one is at risk of becoming a statistic.

Lets take a look at some factual statistics:


  • In the United States every 40 seconds a child is abducted, 74% of those abducted children are dead within 3 hours and 88.5% are dead within 24 hours.
  • 71% of abductions are committed by a stranger.
  • A pedophile will molest an average of 260 children before they are caught, most fly under the radar and are undetected.
  • There are approximately 700,000 convicted Sex Offenders in the United States, a number that is on course to reach 1 million and at any given time approximately 100,000 are unaccounted for.
  • Between 200,000 - 300,000 boys & girls are listed as endangered runnaways 72% of girls & 44% of boys are forced into sex slavery each year in the U.S.
  • An endangered runnaway will targeted by predators seeking to force them into sex slavery within 48 hous of being on the street.

Eric Anderson, a deputy U.S. marshal based in Arizona is quoted saying, “These unaccounted for offenders are worrisome. They have a sexual appetite that can only be satisfied by going after who they deem to be sexually arousing — such as kids, minors, toddlers, infants and doing it by rape. When they want sex, they want it then.”


  • Less than 2% of rapist are caught and convicted
  • One in every four female college students are sexually assaulted, most of them are freshman and sophomores
  • Every three minutes a woman is sexually assaulted

Interviews with convicted rapists regarding sexual assaults found that lack of resistance from the victim became consent to them; therefore the lack of self defense from the victim encouraged the rapist. The interviews also revealed consistently that resistance to sexual assault is much more effective than a passive response, such as crying and pleading, which may encourage the attack.

IDTS is endorsed by The Phoenix Dream Center

"The training by International Defensive Training was tremendously powerful for our Team.  The training was thorough, informative and provided great insight for all of my team of outreach workers and persons who conduct work in the streets and in somewhat risky situations.  The preventative and post assault systems, and the 6 point de-escalation System are all powerful tools for Homeless, Domestic Violence, and Human Trafficking Rescue Projects. I highly recommend this training for any company that has a rescue project, outreach workers or person who are in the field. -

Brian D. Steele, CEO The Phoenix Dream Center






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