International Defensive Training Sysytem



International Defensive Training Systems (IDTS) is taking a proactive stance against the epidemic of violent assaults against women and children including Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) Violent Assaults, and Abduction.

In order to be able to provide a complete form of effective self defense we first had to understand the mind of the predator, who they are, and how they recruit, lure, coerce, assault and or abduct.

After extensive research including interviewing convicted rapists, and child predators IDTS found concrete evidence that predators assault and abduct in specific manners based on motive, control points and carry methods. Predators, Pedophiles and Pimps also use specific verbal lures to recruit, entice and gain access to victims; they use intimidation tactics and violence to control their victims.

Once the impulse to act on the deviant sexual fantasy is determined, the predator will go to great lengths to locate, abduct, assault, traffic, sell and or kill their victims; attacks and abductions happen fast they are brutal and chaotic, therefore traditional martial arts are ineffective due to the fact it takes years to master the systems & sequences.

By understanding the mind and methods of predators we can now provide an effective form of non traditional self defense.

To combat this epidemic IDTS has formulated a complete system that includes Prevention Education  our 12/21 full contact Self Defense System that breaks predators methods; this system has been tested and proven to be lifesaving, the system is patent pending and endorsed.

The combination of these components are crucial in providing more than just a curriculum, it is an all-inclusive system that covers all bases to stop this epidemic of DMST and violent assaults.





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